Similar projects


Intermar e.V. (registered society) is an association of amateur radio operators at sea. They provide global radio supervision via shortwave, regular radio sessions for skippers, worldwide weather forecasts, data and mail traffic as well as Medico-talks. Intermar uses OpenSeaMap in the yacht position report in order to show the position of ships and amateur radio stations at sea worldwide.


DP07 replaces the German coastal radio station at the North and Baltic Sea. They offer travel reports, weather forecasts, Medico-talks and telegrams. DP07 uses OpenSeaMap in the AIS-Watchkeeper in order to indicate the position of ships, e. g. the position of the three-masted schooner "Grossherzogin Elisabeth".


Trans-Ocean is the association of circumnavigators and people who spend most of their time at sea. They offer support to sailors at 165 posts around the world.


SeaClear is a navigation programme used for OpenSeaMap-maps on on-board computers. It shows the position of the ship using GPS and can incorporate on-board instruments and the autopilot using the NMEA interface.


OpenCPN is an OpenSource navigation programme.


GEBCO (General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans) is an international organisation that develops bathymetric charts and scientific surveys on the sea bed. We create a profile of the sea bed including water depths and depth contours on the basis of their data.